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Understand the concept of Multimedia
2.0 Know how to create prints items
3.0 Know how to explore image editing application
4.0 Understand the enhancement of Visuals
5.0 Understand the creation animation sequences
6.0 Know how to create a simple Web page
7.0 Know multimedia presentations

S. No. Topic/Lesson
1 Introduction to Computers, Definition, Advantages & Limitations
2 Anatomy of Computers - Components of Computers and its functions -
Overview of Input devices of Computer
3 Overview of Output devices of Computer, Memory, Processors, Hardware,
Software & Speed
4 Types of Software - Operating System, Translators & Programming languages
5 Types of Software - Application Programmes, Utility Programmes & General
Purpose Programmes, Classification of Computers
6 Operating System - Functions of OS - Types of OS-DOS and WINDOWS,
Booting process
7 Some fundamental DOS commands - FORMAT, DIR, COPY, PATH,
8 WINDOWS:GUI, Desktop and its elements, Anatomy of a window - Title
Bar, Minimize, Maximize, Restore and Close Buttons, Scroll Bars, Menus and
Tool - Starting and shutting down of windows
9 WINDOWS Explorer , working with organization of files and folders, Copy,
Move and Print files - setting time and date
10 MSWORD: Word processing and units of

To provide candidates with a sound foundation of usage of internet and world wide web

At the end of this course, the student should be able to:

1.0 State and apply the basic rules of internet usage

2.0 Discuss the concept of world wide web

3.0 Use the electronic mail

4.0 Explain the concept of research methodology on the internet.

On completion of this module the trainee should be able to:
1. Know the sources of Nigerian Law
2. Understand how status are interpreted
3. Understand elements of law of contract
4. Know the law courts in Nigeria.

General Objective:
1.0 Understand the history, classification and impact of computers
2.0 Know the concept of computer hardware
3.0 Know the concept of computer software
4.0 Understand computer data processing systems
5.0 Know the procedures for computer and data preparation method
6.0 Understand security and safety procedures within a computer environment
7.0 Understand the concept of a computer network
8.0 Know the concept of the internet.

Basic digital circuits

On completion of this course the learner should be able to:
1.1 Understand Operating System
1.2 Understand UNIX Operating System
1.3 Understand the Linux Operating System
1.4 Understand the Windows Operating System

1.0.Know different methods of communication


Tutorial Weekly Assesment

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